Long Creek Trail, Late Afternoon…

After the Rain stopped was a great time to take a little walk. Fox Run to Long Creek Trail, about 3 1/2 miles for the couple hours before dusk.


Nice late afternoon Light for this stroll along the salt creek and marshes. There were some ducks, mostly Buffleheads.


Might not be Spring yet, but don’t tell these cavortin’ Buffleheads. their Party has started.


Beautiful Trail Vistas, wet and dry.

Here’s the Local Hotspot, looks like the Woodpeckers’ favorite Diner. A little further on down the Trail, a gorgeous Holly shows off her curves amidst a veil of Spanish Moss, while colorful Lichens lend a Tattoo-like Beauty.

Some Bracket Fungus liven up a dying tree trunk, playing nicely off the dead oak leaves in the background. Nature IS Art.


So, i’m out on the Trail, literally a couple of miles’ walk from the closest roads, and here’s a bench to sit on and Enjoy this Beautiful View as i rest a bit. And a dish to water the Dog, if i’d brought one. Literally, this is what an Act of Random Kindness looks like. And the Donors loved their Dog, too, as the inscribed plate testifies:

May the spirit of this
wonderful dog forever roam
these trails she loved so much


Another Beautiful Marsh View along the Trail, i believe this Red Bellied Woodpecker thinks so, too.

Walked down to the beginning of White Hill Lake Trail, but we’ll save that for another day, the Sun’s gettin’ pretty low and it’s time to fast-walk back.

Dang it! A couple of Punks photobombed my last picture.