Osprey Trail

Osprey is a side trail that loops off Long Creek Trail at the 64th Street end of the Park. Long Creek Trail runs along the Dune tops, and Osprey Trail winds it’s way down to Broad Bay, and follows the Beach back.


Broad Bay and Tidal Creek vista on the descent, a Resident Squirrel looks for Lunch.


A rickety bridge gets us safely across the Tidal Creek. Whorled Driftwood on the other side. This Cedar was blown over by one of the fierce Nor’western Blasts rippin’ across the Water a few winters ago.


Tidal Pools to the East, Broad Bay to the West flank the Trail as it heads South.


Survival among the salt and Spray is the theme here, and the Flora handles it with Grace and Elegance. Did you ever wonder where the idea of a border along a walkway came from? Nature thought of it Long Ago.


Vistas. Everywhere. A Font of Garden Art Design to those who Pay Attention.


Hooded Mergansers paddle serenely along the Serene Shoreline. Such a Beautiful Place.


As i came around this brushpile, the ducks out in the Bay took flight. They were pretty far out in the water for me to spook them, and no boats were passing, so i wondered why. A moment later, this Eagle flew by, mystery solved. This guy wasn’t interested, but a hungry Eagle will take these small ducks on the water or on the wing. The wary ducks circled around as the Eagle departed and settled back down on the Bay.


Picturesque snags line the Bay. Spring isn’t here, yet, but some of us know it’s coming. This Red Wing Blackbird flew into a Maple tree when i showed up, but there was a sizeable flock checking out the reeds in a pool as they prepare for their Breeding Season.


We leave the Water and climb up on drier Land as Osprey Trail merges back into Long Creek Trail. Some Lichens and Moss line the Upland Trail among the shed leaves of several kinds of Oak, Maple, and Sweetleaf.