Fox Run Trail

Fox Run is a short trail, running from the main Park road and Bald Cypress Trail to Long Creek Trail less than a half mile away. It touches some Cypress Pools, but mostly stays dry, winding along the sides of the Old Dune Ridges. It is wide and an easy walk. There is a small Dog Beach where it ends at Long Creek.


Here’s the jump to Fox Run from Bald Cypress Trail.  Fox is higher and drier than Cypress. Here’s an old Sweet Gum that has hollowed out, making a great nest site for a variety of mammals and birds.


There’s a few Cypress Pools, but mostly the Trail stays higher and winds through the Dunes.


An old Maple has grown slowly, twisting from the environmental stresses. The growth up near the top didn’t look quite right, a closer look reveals a Holly which has sprouted in a hollow of the convoluted trunk. When trees grow at their normal rate, they tend to be straight and they easily outpace other organisms that will colonize or grow on their slower growing kin. Moss, lichens, fungus, epiphytes and even other woody plants will gain a foothold on trees whose bark doesn’t grow fast enough to slough them off.

End of the Trail. Time to choose a new one.