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KUTX, Austin, Texas… public radio station covering the Austin Music Scene… Sunday Morning Jazz Show, 7-10 AM, Central Time… App available in iOS App Store and Android’s Play Store…



The Fine Tradition of the Pirate Radio Ship lives on… Broadcasting from waters offshore of Great Britan since 1964… they have gone through Boats and Changes and stream over the net these days… Brit DJs and mostly Album-Oriented Rock, from the 60s to current…

Radio Caroline


Sun Radio, Austin, Texas… Mostly commercial free, mostly Americana, with Blues, Country, Rockabilly, Rock… App available in iOS App Store and Android’s Play Store…

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WHRV, Hampton Roads, Virginia… public radio station with music in the evenings and on the weekends… new music and jazz…


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XRDS Internet Radio, 24 hour Blues and Roots from Clarksdale, Mississippi




Weekly Blues Show, Fridays, 8-10 PM Eastern:

A Shot of the Blues


A quiet place between this week and next week. Sunday mornings 7-11 AM Eastern. Gentle and acoustic music and some live in the studio performances. New Music and things not heard much elsewhere:

Hunter at Sunrise


New Music nightly from Paul Shugrue… Mon-Thurs, 7-9 PM Eastern, Saturdays 1-5 PM, archived shows here:

Out of the Box


Jae Sinnett also does a Friday show, from 7-8 PM Eastern, R&B and Soul, with informed commentary:

R&B Chronicles


Weekly, Hour Long Rockabilly and Blues Show hosted by Jammin’ James Riley… download and streaming options…

Rockabilly N Blues


Jae Sinnett; jazz drummer, composer, and band leader’s nightly jazz show, 9 PM-1 AM Eastern, Saturday nights 1-6 AM, and Sunday afternoons, 1-5 PM:

Sinnett in Session


Bluegrass, Folk, Roots… if it’s simple, sincere, and good, it’s here:



January 1, 2017


I like my music. I pay attention to it and the people who make it. I like most styles of music, rap and opera being the notable exceptions.  Jazz was my Dad’s favorite, and what I heard as a kid. I didn’t like it anymore when I learned how to work a radio and discovered 50s/60s Pop songs and Soul on AM. Then, FM became the “underground” source of the new face of Rock, led by the British Invasion. Blues hit my radar and became the foundation my musical tastes built upon from then on. Alternative was the genre I gravitated to, liking mainstream Pop less and less along the way. Classical and New Age can be evocative and thought provoking and was a favorite when I used to drive trucks all day down the Interstates. All along the way, I kept trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to like Jazz again. Finally, I got it, and listen to a good amount of Jazz these days. Currently, my musical journey has led me to Americana, my new preference.

That said, I don’t like most music, especially what most radio stations play. Couple that with screaming idiots, overproduced fluff, and endless commercials trying to sell me what I neither want, nor need, and I no longer listen to commercial music stations. Music I like has to be played with heart, from the soul, by people who really can’t do anything else. I like Live Music over studio versions because that’s where the Greatness shows itself. A while ago, I came to the realization that what I really liked was… Unpopular Music.

The problem with Unpopular Music is that it can be hard to find. Over the last few years, I have come up with some decent sources and that’s what I’ll do with this page, share sources and musicians who play Unpopular Music…


New Music is a Treasure Trove of new offerings from new artists and old favorites, but where do you find it these days? I find it’s not worth listening to “regular” radio, and don’t generally like what they offer, anyway. I’m looking for Blues, Alternative, and Americana, generally, if we have to label things.
Very luckily, I live in the Tidewater, Virginia area, and the local public radio station (WHRV 89.5 FM) is a Gem. Several shows are of great interest, primarily, “Out of the Box”. Veteran DJ, Paul Shugrue hosts the show, which features mostly upcoming and just released songs. It’s all new music, mainly in the Alternative, Americana, and Blues genres. The show airs Monday-Thursday evenings, from 7 to 9 PM, Eastern, and Saturday afternoons, from 1 to 5 PM, Eastern. If you live out of radio range, you can stream his shows from the whrv website in real time. Paul also archives his shows, which are available “On Demand” right after they air, again available from the website.


You can also download the WHRO app for Android and Apple phones. I use the Android version and like it a lot. It covers both the local PBS station, WHRO, and the local NPR station, WHRV. For a while, I was having antenna issues with my car and would stream the station in real time through the car’s sound system because it was far superior to the local broadcast.
The real cool part of the app is the “On Demand” features. All the station’s shows are archived and available on demand. Besides Out of the Box, there are some other music shows of interest. “A Shot of the Blues” is also hosted by Paul and airs 8-10 PM Friday nights. Jae Sinnett, jazz drummer, composer, and bandleader,  has a jazz show every night, “Sinnett in Session”, after Out of the Box. On Friday night, at 7 PM, Jae presents “R&B Chronicles” featuring R&B and Soul, with his own insightful commentary. You can catch all of this anytime through the On Demand feature of the app. Several other NPR music shows are also available here, including “Mountain Stage” and “Saturday Night FishFry”. Out of the Box archives are also available through it’s website.


Noisetrade is a website that promotes New Music and Books. Sign up and they will send daily emails featuring new releases you can download free. If you can afford it, there is a link to leave a tip to the artists in appreciation. Most downloads are EPs and Samplers to promote a new album, but sometimes artists will put up an entire album. You will also be signed up to whoever’s music you download’s email list and will receive a volume of emails (you can always unsubscribe from them) promoting the bands’ tours and releases, so you may want to use a dedicated email address when you sign up.


Just, WOW… These guys started as a web archive of fan submitted tapings of Grateful Dead shows and went from there. There’s currently over 167,000 archived shows by thousands of bands. All are free to stream or download. There’s also movies, ebooks, and more, all free.
It’s a little clunky to navigate through, but well worth it. From the main site, click on Live Music Archive. At the top of that page it says, “Browse”, then some options. Click on “all artists” (or just use the direct link there in my blog’s sidebar).
Downloading can be a bit confusing, too. When you are browsing the many artists, pick one you like and click it. You’ll go to a page that has however many concerts that are available, select an interesting one and click it. You’ll go to a page that lists all the songs played. On most shows, you can click on these tracks and stream them. If you like what you hear, you can download the whole show. There are several options for FLAC, OGG VORBIS, and MP3 files, as you prefer. In most cases, the mp3 files are the easiest to deal with. Select the “VBR MP3” link at the bottom of the list. Click it and download your free music. Load it into your music player and… Rock ’n Roll…